Wanta try hydroponics

How hard is it to hydro ?? I can build a basic system ,home depot bucket w/ lid,air pump w/ stone,homemade receptor to hold medium w/ plant…You got the right idea,I’ll make one…Is it an easy learning curve ?? Do I have to use store bought nutrients for hydro ?? Can I use the nutrients I use for soil ?? Questions questions questions…

@Wildbill a home made set up will work fine. You can use nutrients you already have as long as they are water soluble. Many nutrients these days can be used for both soil and hydroponics.

The biggest learning curve will be how much to use if using nutrients that are water soluble but not designed for hydroponics.

The other part of the learning curve that gets tricky is learning what can and can not be mixed at the same time. Sometimes you’ll have to wait and do two separate feedings because nutrient a and nutrient b don’t play well together in water.

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@Wildbill I am finishing my 3rd DWC grow and I like it better than soil. I have developed my own technique that serves me well. I grow photoperiod only indoors in a bedroom, 2 tents. Grow cycle is typically 104 days and yield is more for me than what I grew in soil and taste is much better. What ever nutrients you choose should be high quality designed for hydro. If you use less reputable nutrients you will be chasing PH and PPM levels more. Also your base water purity is very important so nutrients play well together.

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@Wildbill Not hard at all. I’d recommend that you try growing in coco and using hydro nutes first. Kinda of a hybrid of hydroponic and soil. It’s a little more forgiving than a deep water culture system.

Thanks to all of you I’m gaining knowledge