Very first grow coming to an end

My NYC Diesel looks like she’s starting to ripen. She has more orange hairs and trichomes every day. She’s listed as a 10 week strain and we are in week nine right now.

Grown in pro-mix BX
5 gallon pot.
Fed only organic earth worm castings, down to earth 4-4-4 all purpose veg and 3-9-4 bud and bloom booster from Dr. Earth her whole life.

Last feeding was two weeks ago 1/4 cup top dressing of just 3-9-4 bud and bloom booster and some worm poop. (Actually found a small night crawler living in my soil the other day to my surprise :heart_eyes:)

The Dr. Earth cannabis feeding schedule says I should feed her one more 1/4 cup next week as her last feeding, but since this is my first grow I have no idea how long she has left. If this was an all organic grow I wouldn’t stress so much, however…

The Pro-mix BX comes with a non organic pre charge and I did not realize this when I purchased it. By now, I expect that pre charge has been flushed from the soil as I’ve used this same pot since planting her seed. I have also fed her only organic top dressings her whole life.

I just want to give her a good two weeks of just water before harvest to make sure any traces of those chemicals are making their way out of her buds.

My question is do I have time for one last feeding or are we at the “water only for two weeks” point? As always, thank you all so much in advance :pray:


Also please ignore the cat hair :cat2: there is no escaping it in this household :joy:

Beautiful but you have MORE than 1 week left…the buds are just filling in and this is the opportune time to stack on the weight…Make sure you go the dark hr going and maybe add an hour every few days until you are at 14-15-16 hrs of dark…then, at the end, total dark for 2/3 days


@TheAlchemistsPot she looks like she still has at least another 2-3 weeks to me.

You can top dress with organics without harm though so yeah you have time for one last feeding. It won’t affect the flush and you’ll still be able to flush any residual salts or chemicals out of the coco.


Awesome! thank you both so much :pray:


I have 4 gorilla glue plants and the leaves on top are curlingAnd I don’t know why

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Hi King, what are your temps? Is your Rh low? Do you have air flow/fan directed at her? Lower temps and a bit higher Rh possibly?? Waiting for others to respond, good luck!

Hi King!

Nice to meet you! Are these autos or photos? Same questions as @Jram_13 . :v:

Just a guess, based on the size of the plant v. the size of the pot: overwatering. Check the weight of the pot. If it feels like there’s water in there, lay off for a couple days. You probably don’t need to water every day at this stage.

When the plant is undersized, compared to the pot it’s in, it’s very easy to over water. I like to just water around the root ball and leave the rest of the pot dry. This encourages the roots to work deeper into the soil to get the water. As the plant grows, I’ll gradually start giving it more - while always checking the weight of the pot.