Veganic growing/vegamatrix

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into veganic nutrients because my favorite organic brands of supplemental nutrients are slowly disappearing, but veganic brands are now starting to pop up.

Earth Juice no longer advertises their Verde Fire line on their website. Though you can still find some in stores I’m certain once it’s gone they won’t make any more.

I stumbled across vegamatrix and I’ve been thinking about trying their nutrient system as supplemental nutrition for my living soil grows. Ironic that I just now discover it after discovering HGCC and ordering seeds when I’ve been looking for years for a good system. Lo and behold the very man that breeds the seeds I use has what looks to be an amazing organic nutrient system available.

I haven’t been able to find much as far as reviews for it so I figure the best place to ask about it would be here in this forum.

My first question; even though it is advertised as a hydroponic nutrient system will it be suitable for soil?

My second question; how effective would it be in soil compared to its intended hydroponic usage?

My third question; what is the shelf life of these products? Could I buy in bulk and keep some around for a few years or should I buy just enough for a year’s supply?

My final question; is it worth the cost? They are a bit more expensive than other systems but if they last a long time and they’re effective it might be worth shelling out the extra couple hundred.


Great post. Have these same questions.


i have been using it myself along with soil (Fox Farm). It seems to do good if i could apply correctly which i have not. Im not used to using ferts in my gardens i am more of a living soil (no till, in my veggie gardens). I have grown a photo and am now half through an auto and still half or better of most bottles.

supposed to cut in half for super soil. Good luck finding Phyre in less than a gallon ($$$$$). just tried myself.

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Yes cut in half for super soil and it has a 1 year shelf life

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