Vegamtrix prime zyme and phyre flush with RO

When flushing with Vegamatrix Prime Zyme and Phyre with RO water the ph is around 7 after air aerating with a stone? Was maybe a little over 7 right after then went down to 6.8. Aerated for almost an hour. 5.5 gallons. Is that safe? Vegamatrix nutes like 5.5 to 6.5. Did i Aerate to long?

Vegamatrix pH it’s self to 6.5

Not sure what your getting at. Clarify please.

Can i use the Vegamatrix nutes to raise or lower the ph? if so what ones?

The whole line will pH itself to 6.5 its written on the feed chart

Yea dude I can read. That is not what I’m asking.