Veg to Flower back to Veg

What a mess, Ive only had this happen once before with one or two, but never with most of the grow.
I’m assuming all the unusual rain and weeks of clouds. I’m almost sure this is a waisted effort at this point…

Anyone ever been able to make such an issue workout ? 



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Hi @Rebster !

I’m simply asking for the ride here. Hope you don’t mind. :v:

What’s cooking?

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Ubetchya, great articles in that link.
Wish had touched on this particular situation. Unless I missed it…

I beat the Hog’s , Armadillo’s, Fire ants, Grubs, Grasshoppers, Hail Storms, Digging Fox and my nosey pony Buckwheat, but not sure I can plan for this !

Slow down with all those comments n idea’s out there y’all, I cant process that much ;)))

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