Veg and flowering autos

I have one of four plants that started flowering moments ago…am I ok to run the veg and flowering lights simultaneously? Asking for a friend, haha!

Flowering is a d-lite, yet to flower; banner, blackjack and tangerine. All autoflowers. Thanks all!

Yes you are ok to run both. The flowering portion of the light spectrum provide reds in the upper region. For as much as they are responsible for Flowering, they also assist in deep rooting growth. I often start my seedlings with a red bulb, later switch to Blue, then to a veg/bloom light.
The red does help with flowering and terpene development but does not hamper the blue spectrum that is visible to the plants. Sunlight does not filter the spectrum’s, turn off any portion here or there. It is Always on, every color


Getting a bit dusty if you can zoom in. Thanks for the help!