Vaping and then some

Just started Vaping. Bought a fancy Davinci IQ2.
What do you all do with the product after you have Vaped it? I heard some say they add it to their edibles.
I want to learn more about Vaping. Right now I simply vape the dry flower.

After you’ve sucked the goodness out of it, you’re just left with the crud. When I used mine, I’d just chuck it!
There might be something left in there, but no clue what it would do to the taste.

Yeah, I tried smoking it. Was like smoking cardboard.
How do you know when the “good stuff” is depleted? Mine goes on an 8 minute session. I pack the “oven” pretty tight.
After loaded, it goes through a heat cycle and gradually gets hotter and hotter, in 20° increments.
My problem is that I take a few hits and then daydream and the pipe goes off. I guess it is a matter of getting used to. I don’t want to throw away good stuff.
In a way, it is like eating dinner but when you were done, all the food is still on your plate, except you were able to suck the vitamins out of it.
Okay, I’m stretching the point a bit too far. Lol
The point I’m making is that when I smoke a joint or bowl, the product is burnt up so I know I’m done.

I have probably the original vaporizer…a little metal tray that heats up (no settings, just on or off) that you put your weed on, then screw a jar over the fitting. It steams or smokes away when it gets hot, and all the goodness is captured in the container and then you suck it out thru a tube. If you forget, the smoke just accumulates. I puff until it steams/smokes no more!
When it is done, the leftover crud looks and feels like instant coffee. It crumbles but doesn’t leave an ashy streak on your hand. By that point, I consider it done and just chuck it away.

Keeping it for edibles? How much do you vape with your new toy? In order to get say a handful of leftover crud, that could be several days of vaping…you want to then eat that shit? Minimal, if any, THC left in it, how much would you have to use to get high again?

I would call their support line and ask, but they probably calibrate their vapes so that after the 8 minutes, it’s done (probably after 7, and an extra minute to make sure).

Ya, I only use mine when I get bronchitis or some nasty cough…don’t want to spend half hour getting a different kind of high than a joint gives. And I really enjoy smoking a joint! Not pipes even. No, I never smoked cigarettes.

I am thinking about making a water-pipe tho, something to cut down on the tar I’m inhaling. But my lungs have been getting better since my daughter’s rabbit passed, was highly allergic to it and the dander gave me a 10 year hack which everyone thot was from me smoking weed! Nope, bunny gone, hack gone, even tho I’m probably smoking more! And xrays were clear, good to smoke for another 10 years!

I have a very simple dry herb vape, Magic Flight Launch Box. I love it. When your material all turns brown, it’s done. Or when it tastes like burnt popcorn. But the best way to tell you’re done is you don’t get high. Throw the residue on the compost pile.

Yeah you right. Smoking the post-vaped product is akin to eating the cereal box after you ate all the CoCo Puffs. Lol