Valentine's Day flip

I spent my valentine’s day Lolli popping, defoliating and netting the girls ( A lot of work). I raised my light up to 32 inches and increased the power from 200 watts to 350 watts ( will keep turning up the power every couple of days until I hit full power about 600 watts).

any tips or tricks you can give me will be appreciated. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without your help! Thanks to everyone here


Your lights are 32 in above your plants?

yes that is where I started but I really don’t know what I’m doing! during veg. I had them at 24inches. I’m pretty much just relying on you guys to let me know what I should be doing. This is my first grow with photoperiods.

I dont know your lights but for flower somewere in the 800 to 1000 pdf sounds right. With my lights that is between 12 and 16 in. If you just turned lights up in power I would raiae the light intensity or move them closer say 4 to 6 in a day until they are in that 800 to 1000 range. Your lights ought to have distance recomendations for them. Just dont put lights close to tender plants all at once.


I am sorry I really just assumed you had led lights when you said you had turned your power up. What kind of lights do you have?


IMHO I would lower light before i raised wattage. At least until you are a few wks into flower. We usually have lights within the 12-20 inch region after seeding. Sodium and Halo’s are hotter so they can be higher but they are normally a steady wattage, not dimmable. If you have constraints to get the light LOWER, then raise wattage

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I have 6 HLG Rspec boards and a 600 watt driver


Thats a pretty powerfull set of lights looks like you would not want to get closer than 16 in at full power. Really hard to get make sense of there information. They do recomend the 32 in range for flower but that leaves you at around 450 pddf at the hot spots directly under lights. I am no expert buy far but that seems excessively low.

@brucealmighty you’ll want to be about 20-24inchs full power with that set up. I’m running the same kinda, 2 fixtures of 320w each, same boards but I run 3 off a 320 driver. Closer than 18in and you will see the leaf temps get too high and they will curl. If you just flipped and have been running at 1/2 power I would set the light at 24 inches, and increase the power each day until full strength.


Thanks 24 inches has always seemed like a sweet spot for these lights but I have never ran them this hard before. I just didn’t want to cook anything.


that’s dead sexy!!! and a very good light. I would just go with what your girls tell you they need. 18in is a goodbl starting Point right now id say

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I finally got my 640w light…Up and running. 389 led per bar x 8 bar, IR, UV, 6’ leads for the drivers so I can mount it outside the tent.A dimmer too. So you wanted to know the cost (back near christmas)…$550

21 seedlings under the light plus the previous…I filled my tent 32sq ft of plant…34 containers


that is a nice light Mike and great set up!!!

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So I just sit the timer on my lights to 12hr’s on 12hr’s off Sunday, how long till I see some kind of change in my plants?

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I saw first pistols at 4 days.

2 weeks and you should see blooms…They can start in 4/5 days if you look hard

I have heard that there will be an increase in growth happening soon, is there anything I need to do to prepare for it? Also I bought a jar of unsulfured molasses and a bag of epsom salt is this the time to start using them?

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I am 1 month from light flip on mine and most of them have only stretched 6 in or so. A couple up to 1 ft. My strains are grand daddy purple blue dream and mimosa all suposed to be around 6 ft plants. I topped hard in veg but my tallest right now is 4 ft. Also it is time to consider support. 2 wheeks ago I could have swore my plants were strong enough to not need netting. Now the netting is saving me as the branches are really trying to lay over as the buds swell.

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