Using Natures living soil buds don't ripen

I tried using natures living soil a few times now and still have problems. I mix it exactly as listed. Using 3 gallon pots, equals 0.6 lbs per 3 gallons. One pound is for 5 gallons. Not rocket science. I use coco loco as suggested.

Using filtered water only. I get huge buds, like 2 OZ per autoflower. But the last grow, all the leaves started curling downward. And I always have white tips on top cola leaves, no matter what distance list is. These 2 indicate too much nitrogen to me. I wound up flushing each with 2 gallons of water and the leaves straightened out somewhat.

Lighting is two v450 viparspectra lights. Using recommended distance and I adjust as necessary. On a par value side, my current grow has been in range. Just over 200 umols at start brought to over 300. Now I’m at around 600 for flowering. These levels are normal and shouldn’t burn the tips, thats nutrient burn.

What Happens is the buds never finish. I mean ,never. The autoflower says flowers in 8 to 8 weeks. What does that mean from when the plant first sprouts, or 8 weeks from when it enters the flowering period?

I checked the trichomes through and I never get that much amber anymore at all. Now there plants saud 9 weeks and I’m on week 12.

Strange I noticed the buds had their advertised smell right around that time period but still had too many whote pistels . What Happens in now that smell goes away and I get a totally different smell. And even stranger, my last few grows all wound up smelling the same at the end.

Am I waiting too long to harvest? Or does natures living soil have too much nitrogen or something.

Plants kept getting more white pistels but trichomes never finish.

Of course, when I smoke any of the cured stuff, I get headaches and my neck muscles lock up, indicating an anxiety problem.

My very first grow actually had some smokeable product. I was using liquid nutes then and adjusted to bloom formula when needed. Now most of the plants got yellow leaves , a lot of them. But I got big buds and wasn’t getting panick attacks.

I went to natures living soil to avoid having to make a whole bucket of water even time they needed it. But have gotten huge yields but the buds are not smokeable, not really getting high mostly headaches and anxiety.

I think they are not ripening because there is too much nitrogen in the soil mix.

Has anyone had success with autoflower concentrate from natures living soil?

What am I doing wrong ?

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Regarding nitrogen deficiency, the best indicator of that is yellowing in the lower leaves as the new growth gets the nitrogen. I checked the net and your problem sounds like chlorosis. There’s a wikipedia page for that and there are a bunch of possible causes, so you’d have to figure out which one it is. In the article I found on it, there was a picture of leaves (not pot) with chlorosis. Is this what yours look like?

UPDATE: While chlorosis may be the culprit, I bow to the reply following this one as the fellow seems pretty certain he knows what is going on and I am very inexperienced.

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@Dantell that’s a potassium issue my friend. Nature’s living soil is great and works seeds to harvest but you will still need to top dress around mid flower to carry it through until harvest.

I use it myself and have had great results every time.

You are also either harvesting way too early or waiting too long. Just harvest once all trichomes are milky white before the plants start foxtailing and making more buds as a last ditch effort to get knocked up. Usually at this point the trichs on the mature buds are losing potency and the trichs on the new ones are immature. It’s the immature trichs that cause anxiety and paranoia issues.

Some autos just won’t go amber either. The thc and trichs still degrade but the color just doesn’t change for whatever reason. I’ve had a few autos do this to me and decided with autos not to wait for amber anymore. Just take them down at peak potency.


Ok thanks for the info. I think I was definitely waiting too long, and they start making more pistils again. I noticed that the smell goes away. Luke I had CBD cheese last time. Seeds said 8 to 9 weeks to flower. And yes, right around that time the plants did have a funky cheese smell. But I didn’t notice any amber trichomes so I waited. Then I noticed the cheese smell went away and now I get this weird pine smell, and all of my plants regardless of the kind they are, thry all smell the same. I was waiting too long, thinking that I was harvesting too early. I think if the seeds description says, flowers in 8 to 10 weeks, ill be looking to harvest around week 9 to 10.

With those CBD cheese plants, they said 8 to 9 weeks and I wound up harvesting at week 12. Now I’ll just harvest at the end of listed time frame.

That’s what I did on my very first grow and it worked out perfectly. Then I decided to try to get more scientific on this stuff and reading more info and checking the trichs more. I was always pulling them atound 3 weeks after the stated timeline thinking I needed more amber trichs.

Thanks for the info. It’s only the tips of the smaller leaves on the colas. I lowered the light intensity.

I think that the autos I’m using just don’t really turn amber. That’s why their characteristic smell comes and goes away. I shoukd harvest when they have that smell. I was waiting like an extra 3 or 4 weeks thinking I needed more amber trichs but they start to make new pistels and then when harvested the new trichs are not mature.

My very first grow all I did was chop them down when the listed timeframe was up. Seeds always say, 8 to 9 weeks seed to flower. I simply cut them down at week 9 and got some excellent smoke.

I can see that when I started getting more scientific with it, checking trichs and everything, I was actually making problems. It seems that the more info I read, the more mistakes I made.

Now I’m just going back to harvest at the end of the specified timeframe. If it says 8 to 9 weeks, ill cut rhem down at end of week 9 and thsts it. They say to check the trichomes with a microscope, and I have one. But now I’m learning that some strains never get amber, so that tells me I can’t even rely on the trich method.