Using Homegrown Plant Powerups

Very new to growing and I’m taking it by the numbers. I ordered the Standard pack of Powerup nutrients. They arrived without instructions for use. I read the table for use however I don’t understand how it works. Should the nutrients be dissolved in water? if so at what ratios?
I don"t mean to sound stupid but I want to begin the right way and in my mind it’s better to ask at the beginning.


Hi @Bigdog63121 !

Nice to meet you! I haven’t purchased this myself, but I went to the page where it was offered and found a bunch of information, including a feeding chart. Take a look at the link below:

Looking forward to your grow! :v: Have a good one!

I found the feeding chart but know if the ratios ar grams per liter.

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Looks like liters and grams are listed. I will say I can see where confusion could occur. Where I come from, gr = grains and g = grams.

You know what “they” (“They” are always so busy) say about assumptions, but I’m going to go with grams to liters. Seems like it makes sense to me. How about you?

Thanks for the advise, what I was missing was the first column of the chart :blush: the one with the names listed. Found it though and off to work I go.

You’re welcome! Have a great day. Be safe out there! :v:

it is grams…and Liters
so, roughly 4 grams equals a teaspoon
8 l of water = is a little over 2 gallons
so 1/2 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water
seedling is until you reach 3rd or 4th node…then it is Veg mode (exceptions for autoflower…reduce everything by 1/2)
at the end of veg time, FLIP (12 on /12 off on the lights) to induce flowering
within a week or 2 you will be in flower mode
7-10 weeks of flower

autoflowers - a different animal. Reduce all solutions by 50% strength
flowers can pop up as early as 3 weeks to about 5…then another 7-10 weeks of flower


Sorry I took so long to get back, I’m a bit confused about everything. But I keep plugging along.

I’m not sure if I will know when to do what but when I’m done with the plants in the room I’ll do it again with autos.