USE ofHomegrown Plant Powerups

Can anyone offer up a good rundown on the use of the Homegrown Kit?

Are you talking about the Nutes packs? I bought the Standard pack with my first grow and found it confusing to weigh mix and feed with. Very tiny amounts of powder is hard to weight out in grams just right.

Switched to FOOP and am so much happier. Very easy to use and the chart schedule tells you exactly what to mix (in 1 gallon of water) every week.

And the change in my girls was over night! They love it.

Thanks so much Dyspneic, I too find the mixing chart to be totally inadequate.
I converted the numbers to make my own chart.
Going to give it a try. We let you know what kind of person esults I get.

I’ve never used it but they seem to be the same as Bergman’s nutrients . . . lot more information about it on that forum.

I’ve used HGCC Powerups for the first time. I haven’t mastered the mix instructions.
I am at 9 weeks since seedling in the soil but have no evidence of a bud forming.
I have been giving the girls 2g of the Flower time.
I’m not sure if this is enough or not, can’t get a straight answer from the people at HGCC.
Does anyone know what amount a single plant needs in the Flowering stage.