Usages for keif

I’ve got more left overs from last year than I can vape and am planning on converting it to dry ice derived keif. My method is efficient so I’m piling up jars of the stuff. Vaping it is somewhat harsh so I’m looking for more cooking ideas. Every method I’ve seen asks for the additive of some oil or fat for bioavailability. Every additive I’ve tried (coconut oil, MCT oil and lecithin) turn the stuff dark brown and every edible then is chocolate colored. I did some gummies whose flavor additive (per recipe) was a complete waste as it was indistinguishable from the old “grass” taste of cannabis I always get in any edible I’ve tried. EVERYTHING TURNS BROWN AND TASTES LIKE COMPOST! No I don’t use any decarbing appliance, I use the oven like most. I flatten out the keif between sheets of parchment paper to make “pancakes” of even thickness, about 1/4". Then the parchment sheets with the keif are placed between Corel plates, flat side to flat side to occlude air and baked at 220 for 35 min (temp monitored with TWO guages). Opened only after completely cooled. Now what shall I do with it?

@Gdub I’d say raise the temp when decarbing to 250°F

Perhaps. My oven actually when set for 220 gives me about 235 anyway according to the separate thermometers used. As long as you’ve evened out the thickness to be not more than say 1/4" between the parchment sheets, I’m sure to get even and complete heating. I suggest everyone check their oven with a separate thermometer. I am also using convection/bake mode which, by the action of moving the air translates to a higher temp by about 10 degrees as well so I’m very close to your suggestion. I also am not afraid of THC converting a bit for sleep enhancement. Any recipes for edibles??

@Gdub I dont make edibles but I’m sure their may be some on this forum I’m not sure though…