Urgent help needed, maybe temps are too high?

Hey guys my plants are not doing so well for the past 3 days since the temperatures started to climb here.

I suspect it is the temperatures / water quantity but i am new to this so not sure. The temps are reaching 30c every day. Its funny some leaves are curling upwards.

Please help me figure out what is happening? Here are the pictures.

Transplant into a larger pot :yin_yang:


I was thinking about that, i am keeping 4 plants in such a small space because i don’t know if they will be female, as soon as i sex them i will keep just one female.

Those pots are 1 liter, what is the appropriate pot size i should be using? They are around 25 days from seed.

Tiny bit of nitrogen in the water, maybe a little cal mag. Looking good . Don’t worry. Be happy.

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The picture in my second reply was from a few days ago, as you can see from the very first picture the plants are now in trouble :frowning:

Had trouble on my first grow with spots on leaves. Picked up a ph meter and a water filter to filter out the chloramine and chlorine along with what ever else was in my tap water. I try and get the ph at 6.5 after adding anything to the water like cal mag.

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