Upward curling leaves... need knowledge please

Hi there!
I’m an indoor grow tent beginner beginner. Growing a few White Widow Autoflower. They’re doing great so far, except I’m noticing a couple of leaves curling upwards very slightly. Any immediate thoughts?
Thank you in advance, this appears to be an awesome group.

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Its called canoeing, and since it’s just 1 or 2 leaves and auto flowers I wouldnt worry yet. The plant looks very healthy and happy. If you start to see all the leave or the majority of them do the then it’s an issue.

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Welcome Dale…I’m also a fairly newbie indoor auto grower…I’ve been an outdoor grower for some years…For me indoor growing has been challenging…Alot of potential problems and some real problems…The knowledge from the slew of experienced growers on this site has been a godsend…I’ve saved more than a few plants by following their advice…
Have fun growing