Upstate NY suggestions

Hi fellow growers I have a questions about the best seeds to plant in upstate NY ? Someone please give me 10 good seeds suggestions to grow in region 5 of upstate NY ? Most say Northern lights and white widow any other suggestions??

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It really depends on what you are looking for, I could recommend some great cultivars but if you aren’t using the right equipment, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to grow.

I have depression along with other disorders and I grow according to what I effects I need.

I have anxiety and alot of pain . I have been doing hybrids 70x30 indica. It works i all so grow for a friend thats a cancer patient and it seams to work for him also… I really don’t like autoflower cause its not fun to grow and small yeilds. To be honest I just like to grow more than all…

I get a quarter pound plus on my autos so that is enough for me…usually a half pound plus per month. You must require more so photos would be better for you? I also love the process it is soothing to me, a good hobby.

kinda current grows, all autos except the first picture on bottom left. First photo I have ever grown…blue gelato #41

I wish I had pictures to share i harvest 5 weeks ago my inside stuff . I just put in 5 seedlings 3 strawberry banana and 2 dosi dos… I may put a gorilla cookie auto in with them. After all the harvest I certainly don’t need it…lol I will make some tincture and hash. I took all my top buds to smoke and all the lower ones I fast freezed them for hash. Your plants look good and healthy.

White rhino good yeilder huge yeilds and another good one mimosa another huge yeilder g13 is another so.many to.choose from.