Update and feedback appreciated

My Hindu Kush is entering her 5th week; Soon into Flowering. I want to make sure I’m doing all that I can for a successful healthy first grow; looking at the photos, what should I do next? Large leafs stay? Kinda keeping lower leaves from getting light but all looks ok right now. I’ve read about LST, is now a good time to start this? She’s drinking water like crazy too.


@Sweetleaf everything is looking pretty good. I wouldn’t worry about any defoliation yet until you want to flip to flower. Some light pruning, LST, and leaf tucking will get light on those lower leaves. Looks like she’s big enough to top or fim now too if you want to further increase your yield. Hindu kush doesn’t usually get taller than 4 feet so I would personally just fim a few times unless you have a shorter grow space then topping would help keep it shorter and give you more colas.