Unusual growth, never seen this before

Hey guys,
I’m not sure what’s up with this Bruce Banner auto. I’ve had 2 others come out with great results but I’ve yet to see any auto start off like this. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!


the leaves look more like an Indica than a Sativa dominant strain. Maybe there was a seed mix-up or genetics are at work here. I have had quite a few start like this, especially Gold Leaf


Thanks Mike, so keep on business as usual? I wasn’t sure if there was some kind of deficiency I needed to worry about


Glad see back @Mrb53004 hope everything went well on your move

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wish it did but NOT…still trying to climb out from under the crap-pile
from major water leaks, to major construction to not heat until yesterday. Just got my laundry room and downstairs bath, hall, laundry room, dining room and family room floors, walls, stucco and painting done last week. Been here since 10/11…problem after problem and not much in the alternative zones…times they are a sucking
but it too shall pass. At least I got up the tree and decorations for Christmas
Even though have not yet set up my grow, I would not have had time for it anyway and way to many service personnel in and out for my comfort
Thank you for asking…


Sorry you had all that headache i know where you coming from my friend me and my wife 3 years ago my mother past away and she left me her house its 4000 sf and she wasn’t able to get all repairs done and im still working on but i got a new roof put on and that was big relief I’ve fixed all under eaves fixed house painted and list goes on and my wife has painted the inside except for my man cave lol but it coming along i know you will be just fine.older i get the harder one thing about it I do have a great grow setup.hang in old buddy

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I can’t seen to upload pictures, but I have the same situation. The leaves were shaped weird, and it grew in a tight cluster. But once it started pre-flower, it straightened out. I did a little lst to separate the branches, and it’s looking good now