Unstable or hermaphrodite

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What are the main reasons for a plant to create seeds , only 1 little branch from the same plant but also some of the other ladies in some buds there were 1 or two , at what stage or which week of flowering you’re able to see if that is going to happen again, I’m working in a pheno hunt with some seeds I get at HGCco , never had that problem with the girls I was working before we get these new cultivars . Wedding Cake and Purple Gelato, the more unstable one was the PG. Right now I’m ending the first week of flowering. Thanks for any advice or help :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::v:t3::facepunch:t3::muscle:t3: .

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In my experience, Gelato is a finicky one. She likes it on the warmer side of 78F, humidity at 47-48%. She doesn’t seem to like any fluctuations, so I will grow her by herself in the future. She kicked my ass a few times until I got frustrated enough to figure it out. I used to grow indoors, so if you are outside, hopefully someone else with experience can assist.

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G, female plants can produce seeds under a few conditions…

  1. Heredity - within the genus of the strain is a tendency to “hermie” . That will produce male flowers on a female plant and cause it to seed in some of the plant/s. Pollen can pollinate an entire plant, some of the plant, other plants…depending on how it spreads (fan, touch).
  2. Stress - certain strains are know to hermie when under stress…lights too close, too hot, Grown too long

What stage do you see hermies…ANY…you must be vigilant and inspect carefully every day. Google hermies and learn to identify the male sacs so you can cull them to prevent seeding. Seeds from a hermie plant tend to make plants that hermie…we follow our parents lineage.
Flowers, male or female, can show up at the same times, different times…no special week or age. I usually see Male plants produce sacs earlier than females produce flowers. Female plants…any time after flowering begins (different for every strain / genus) …which can be from 3 weeks (autoflower) to photo periods plants that only begin flowering after the light schedule is 12/12 (you can control this by keeping a plant in veg stage indefinitely…this is where MOTHERS come from (cloning parent)