Unidentified spoting

No bug’s to be seen, Any thoughts ?

First year using Root’s Organic top dressing.
So far I’m ecstatic with it.
So simple, inexpensive compared to, very forgiving.

without really getting in to it, on the surface it looks like calcium deficiency
are you using cal/mag, dolomite lime in the soil?

Both actually,

Lime was added 10 days ago, no spots till 2 day’s ago.
New PH meter will be here monday for testing.

I’m lost here

that is about how long it takes for lime to reach the plant…It has to be dolomite…Old leaves will bot get better, only new growth will be affected…If the ph is off, it can prevent absorption…Unless you are in coco or peat, not usual…especially in dirt

Thanks Mike
Had light green leaf’s 2 weeks ago, tossed lime and bat guano as topical , in 24 hrs it’s was showing improvement, but Ive read where Dolomite can take some time to work, Some reads say months…

Spots are a tad concerning

if they are only on old leaves, not showing up on new leaves…do not fret
Lime does take a LONG time to get absorbed by the plant…and it can change the ph of the soil

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