Um can I say hello here?

Hi, I’m Pig, a virgin gardener, was hoping to hit up @Kronic one day as I found and downloaded his potcast and love it. I’m Aussie and if it works is a pic of my first ever plant, not a great pic but I’m learning. Hope to meet some of you lovely growers.


Welcome to the forum glad you found use happy growing

Hi Pig, looks great from here!


Hi @Pigdaddy nice looking tops there… you did it right so remember what you did…welcome to growing


Thanks @Daddy1971, @mikes, and @retiredoldguy - very nervous being my first time. I don’t know if I’m doing ok as I really don’t have a physical teacher. But learning from @Kronic PotCast as well as still finding my feet I’m excited for what can come :slight_smile:


@Pigdaddy remember to utilize the search function for different subjects and get many points of view and ways to do things.


@retiredoldguy Thanks, mate, massive learning curve, but am hopeful, just today listened to @Kronic Potcast about 1:1 THC/CBD strains which, is why I’m trying growing, not for me, but for my brother. He’s had cancer and yes he consumes from random local stuff, I want to offer him proper medicine. Anyway that’s partly why I’m here in this community, definitely not the best introduction from a new user, but I hope to learn and maybe share a tidbit here and there, heck I’m a literal novice and hope to attend a training day with Kyle Kushman, but that’s just me.


You have come to the right place my friend

Welcome @Pigdaddy !!! We’re so happy you found us! This is a great place to find all the info you need. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Happy Growing :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @Pigdaddy this is a great place with tons of information. Your ladys are looking good.

Geeze! I’m a virgin too, and your plant looks 100 times better than mine!

Your doing great! Keep up the good work and dont be afraid to chime in! Happy growings friend!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it as I don’t have many people who I can talk with about this great journey. This is a pic from tonight as I got home late when she was asleep, I have and do some semi-regular defoliation, as in this pic. I remove inner fan leaves and leaves covering buds but also some (at this stage I call them parasitic branches) branches that aren’t going to perform or persist to grow. It’s kind’ve like a living wet groom but being mindful that the plant needs leaves etc, trying to shape out the Cola’s and try my best to get the plant to put it’s energy into them.

Thanks again and thanks very much to @Kronic for his potcast - I’ve learnt a lot so far and am eager to learn more.


Theyre looking good :+1:

Welcome pig. Your 1st grow looks a million x’s better than my 1st. Haha that was a shit show!:rofl::rofl::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::rofl::rofl::rofl: Anyways, welcome.

Welcome to the forum!! Happy Growing!!!

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Hello! Welcome! Have fun!

Welcome looks good :+1: Im new at this its been fun the people are great and helpful