Twins from one seed

I have twins from one seed. Never knew that was possible. I’ve read that you can separate them, or one will eventually stunt or kill the other one, or let them go and see what happens. I chose to let them grow together. One is considerably smaller than the other but shows life. The bigger of the two looks to have some nutrient deficiencies but the other 3 seeds I germinated are reacting well to the same nutrients. The bigger of the two on the “twin” plant is blocking light to the smaller one. I just topped the bigger one too. Anyone have experience with “twins?”

Growing in Happy Frog Soil
Using Homegrown Cannabis nutrients

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I have no experience with twins. Do you have to water and feed the twins more often? This is very interesting to me as I had never heard of this. Super cool stuff, I would love to hear more about them if possible. Thanks for sharing, my friend and welcome to the homegrown community!
Edit: Have you tried any stress training or defol on either of them? I can see probably not with the smaller of the two. I bet that root system is pretty neat.

I’ll take a picture of the roots tomm when I transplant. I feed them yesterday. Should I (feed water them once weekly)?

It happens quite a bit you can pull them apart when there seedlings