Trying to salvage a leggy seedling

The plant grew quite tall before I could supply adequate light, but despite being leggy, it looks good. I know I can plant it deeper when I repot it, but how much deeper? I noticed little nubs on the first 2" of the stem. Anyone know what they are? Potential new roots maybe? The pic isn’t great, but you can see what I’m talking about.

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I had mine in red solo cups, I cut the top off another cup & added it to the top & filled with coco, I left about 1.5’’ sticking out & they turned out good. & welcome to the best sight for growers… :v:


how much of the stem do you figure you buried?

probably about 2.5’’

good to know, thanks.

here is what i did

this plant stretched to like 5’’ & now its looking good.


Excellent! I’ll do the same.

You can bury that thing down to within an inch of the leaves if you want


Two weeks later - the two leggy seedings are thriving. :smiley: