Trying to Judge if it's Harvest time?

I’m new to this, this looks to me like the trichomes are opaque. is that right? How long will it be before I can harvest?


I have a similar question. I have some clones that I planted on April 5th and the trichomes still don’t look mature. AND! I was flushing in preparation of harvesting them and they grew another inch over night!

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Depends on what your goal is. CBD, THC, smoking, baking, rosin?

Pain management? Chemo care?

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High THC for vaping. Will balance with CBD oil for medical

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Personally, I would harvest when you start seeing a tinge of amber. I choose it because I like a slow cure, which takes longer but it’s worth it to me. Your trichomes would still mature and it pushes more medicine where it needs to go. However, I’m a whole plant harvester though and we all have our own ways of doing things.

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Welcome @sharon
This is a good rule of thumb


Khatru posted a great pic on trikes. You crop depending on what you are looking for in a result. As far as new growth,that can have nothing to do with readiness. If you continue to give light and nutrients, the plant continues to produce. Sharon, your pics are too far away to really see the trikes. You gotta get up close and never look at the ones on top. You go further down into the buds to examine them. The ones on top are usually more mature than the majority that are on the stem / bud. Do not confuse the color of the pistols with the color of the trikes. You also did not say what genetic/s the plant is/are. THC - based on the genetics of the plant. CBD - based on genetics of the plant. Usually when you grow, you either grow high THC or high CBD. If the plant is not geared for CBD, you cannot make it from the leftover