Trying to get these plants to grow

I gotten on here to try to learn , but i learned nothing but hatred envious & vengious, 1 person saying something deliberatting their plants, I seen it some tried on mine, why isn’t anyone getting the help they ask for? I been on these forums for about a yr &learned nothing but stupidity, I learbned a lot more by reading & going a long as it grows, why can’t annyone explain why forums are dying?

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Gotta learn what you can and leave the rest. Best of luck to everyone with their grows. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Maybe a book would go farther for you? There are some good ones out there with a wealth of info. Maybe search Greg Green or Danny Danko. O and on this forum… MDBuds… search his posts… there is always goodies in there… Good luck and happy grows!

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I have learned by readiing by the great Ed Rosenthal back in the early 90s, I put in my 2 cents in & they litertally attack you, like they are the sole growers that everyone has to listen to them etc. to me they are a bunch of immature people that need to step down off their high horse, I see otthers using some fertilizers , soils etc, those who are usng it, you get it & ask questions they clam up nothing to say then act like they never heard of it, how is that be any help? I read about growth , these people saying don’t use miracle gro, don’t use this etc, back in the day they grew weed only with lights and pieces of scraps as fertilizers, as I told what these people done was baking the soil they dug up, I WAS ATTACKED! PURE HATRED AS I SEEN IT WASN’T FOR A MODERATOR GOING ON A BANNING SPREE AFTER I SENT THEM THE LOG, I got pictures of the plants the harvest the grow etc, how do you post pictures?

it’s the truth, i’m getting off of here haven’t learned anything that i didn’t already know & TBH all this forum taught me the true meaning of hate, I never felt so flabbergasted in all my life

sending you a link to your email