Trimming while flowering?

My white widow auto’s are in their 10th week…seem to be maturing at a little different rate. I have one that is looking really nice, but I’m noticing the larger fan leaves and other leaves turning yellow as she is getting closer to harvesting. I’ve read that autoflower were pretty temperamental…is it ok to remove the yellowing leaves or will that stress her? Thank you! …and wishing everyone a great 2021!

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if they are yellowing, that means they have given up nutrition to plant but simple bend / fold if you need light. At this point in time, available light should not make much difference on rest of plant. You are near end and buds have gotten almost as much light as they will use


Thank you Mike. The yellow leaves just didn’t really seem good for anything except making the plant looks unhealthy.

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I know but certain auto’s,even defoliating almost dead leaves can stress them. This late in the game just bend / fold / tuck or ignore