Trim tray any reviews?

Has anyone ever used one of these? I saw one at the store the other day and almost bought it. I thought I would see if there is any feedback first?
Harvest More TrimBin

It is curved to rest on your lap like a tv tray kind of. That was what I thought was appealing about it.

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Hey @Noddykitty it is one of those things that once you get it you say how did I ever live without this thing!!!..yes I got one never used the makeup brush that comes with it instead a credit card is what I use to scrap that lovely keif from the bottom. they can be pricey but again it is so much easier to trim and keep things confined with one of these. I say treat yourself to this and save your back…

LOL thanks for the input and feedback. When I usually trim in the garage I stand up for many many hours. I like to turn on some good tunes and kind of dance in place to the music. It keeps my feet and back and legs from hurting. I gleefully refer to trimming in the garage to my wife and kids as “daddy‘s little dance party.”

It would be nice to not have to work on my dance moves so much. And just sit and watch some Star Wars or something while I trim.

@Noddykitty as you get older you can appreciate these things…and I have watched a movie while trimming in my easy chair

I have one I love it. Well worth the money

Awesome I have one and love it dearly to me they are worth every penny

I have had 2 of these for 4 years now…Awesome!
Like @retiredoldguy I watch TV and trim.
After the initial trim there is a beautiful golden Keif.
After that I do a first press of leftovers…a little greener but effective.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I have been informed that Santa is coming thru for me this year and I better not buy one.