Trim tray any reviews?

Has anyone ever used one of these? I saw one at the store the other day and almost bought it. I thought I would see if there is any feedback first?
Harvest More TrimBin

It is curved to rest on your lap like a tv tray kind of. That was what I thought was appealing about it.


Hey @Noddykitty it is one of those things that once you get it you say how did I ever live without this thing!!!..yes I got one never used the makeup brush that comes with it instead a credit card is what I use to scrap that lovely keif from the bottom. they can be pricey but again it is so much easier to trim and keep things confined with one of these. I say treat yourself to this and save your back…

LOL thanks for the input and feedback. When I usually trim in the garage I stand up for many many hours. I like to turn on some good tunes and kind of dance in place to the music. It keeps my feet and back and legs from hurting. I gleefully refer to trimming in the garage to my wife and kids as “daddy‘s little dance party.”

It would be nice to not have to work on my dance moves so much. And just sit and watch some Star Wars or something while I trim.

@Noddykitty as you get older you can appreciate these things…and I have watched a movie while trimming in my easy chair

I have one I love it. Well worth the money

Awesome I have one and love it dearly to me they are worth every penny

I have had 2 of these for 4 years now…Awesome!
Like @retiredoldguy I watch TV and trim.
After the initial trim there is a beautiful golden Keif.
After that I do a first press of leftovers…a little greener but effective.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I have been informed that Santa is coming thru for me this year and I better not buy one.

Thanks Santa, I got my trim bin and I am loving all the dry sift off the trims. Has anyone found a good way to decharge all the static electricity the bin builds up? When I brush the keif around with the brush I probably have 2-3grams of keif dust electro statically floating around and stuck to the sides of the bin. Like a kief maglev train floating around. More an annoyance than anything.

If I didn’t know better I would spray the sides with my kids hair detangler. Or rub dryer sheets like I am polishing the sides. Touching an old power strip while holding the bin like a baby does not decharge the static to ground. Maybe I will just have to control my annoyance with a keif smoke. :blush:

I have been filling jars with keif. @retiredoldguy you were right; about how did I trim without it. What do you guys do with all the keif? I used to give away all my trimmings to friends, but this thing is way to easy to dry sift as you trim. I have trimmed more weed since Christmas than since harvest. I want to see how much each strain leaves me. I feel like I am wasting it just sprinkling it over a bowl. Any tips for pressing or using?


Missed it for Christmas, but my birthday is mid January! Gives it just enough time to get delivered! Awesome, thanks for the testimonials (you are REAL people, not paid actors, right? :wink: ). Wife and kids always complain I never need anything for xmas or bday and they don’t have a clue what I’d like (cuz if I like something, I go buy it! Screw waiting for winter!). One thing on my wishlist!


@Noddykitty for the static problem, carry the tray over to the sink and then grab the faucet. You should ground out the built up charge, just don’t jump and drop the tray or contents!

Let us know if that works. Or go barefoot. Maybe if you wore a grounding strap (I’m an IT guy and we used to wear them so we wouldn’t fry equipment)…I should grab one from the office before I retire, by then, my next crop should be a month to harvest!

That’s hilarious, my wife always says the same thing. That I am the hardest person on the list to shop for. And I never give her any tips. My reply is always I have everything I need. Why do you keep buying me things I don’t need? Anyway this year I decided to give her a list of shit I really want. LMAO, she refused to buy seeds. I got big bag of recharge, my trim bin, some big 15 gallon grow bags for my fruit and Christmas trees, and a big bottle of great white.

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I was thinking of pulling out the alligator clip to ground next. It’s the actual brushing of the kief, it throws electrons like a coil. Running pounds thru it is no problem to loose a couple grams of keif. But if I was sifting just a few ounces I would be sad.

I don’t think it’s my static, but I will try it barefoot too. Thanks for the tip.

I use a credit card and not the brush to scrape to a pile and scoop out. So far I have only topped bowls of my lesser buds with it. I am pretty sure you can press it to form a little brick and then consume like hash.

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@Noddykitty I have a few of these. Makes trimming much easier. I just set it in my lap and sit down with a big bag of buds next to me and buck straight in to the tray and trim away. Usually end up with a good 3.5 to 7 grams of qief each sitting too.

@Noddykitty as for the static issue I just use a computer cleaning kit. Ground it out and use ESD brushes.

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ok I had to share this laugh with the forum…a new friend was over yesterday and when she saw the trim bin she said " I know you said you smoke a lot but…is that your rolling tray?"


That’s funny sounds like something my wife would say lol

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Well, I told my daughter I wanted one of these for my birthday (since I missed the Christmas present idea), today, I am now the proud owner of one!
I couldn’t find her scales, so I went out and bought a set for myself. Weighed my bud from my 4 Death Bubba plants from Christmas Day Chop, ended up with 12-1/2 oz of bud! Will be starting again at the end of January, hoping 12 oz will last me 6 months until that harvests out!
But that one crop alone justified me buying the tent, lights, etc, AND the cost of electricity!

And so much nicer a smoke than the dispensary stuff!


Definitely an essential product, get 4 of em…:rooster: