Tricomes check. Please advise

So here is a bunch of pictures of the buds on each of my orange velvet X Cinderella 99 photo plants, there are about 8 weeks in flower now and I am still trying to figure out the state of the tricomes, I feel they are mostly cloudy, I don’t see any amber color and according to the cultivar information flower time is 10-12 weeks, well the full plant in one of the pictures I had to tie to the pot as the buds are wanting to almost pull the plant down. I am looking for opinions on should I harvest these 2 plants. I have for the past 3 days just been giving them water to start to flush them out. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


From what I can see I agree with your trike survey. I’d probably finish out the flush, top dress with some ice cubes before bedtime, and check back after that. Get creative with some support if you can and you’re worried. Don’t rush it now, you’re almost there.


I second the motion, they look done unless you want couch lock / lower thc


Thanks @CurrDogg420 @Mrb53004 for the replies, I appreciate it, it will be nice to get these 2 girls ready to party, it’s crazy how different they grew, I am looking forward to trying it.

Beautiful flowers! It’s amazing how good everyone’s harvest has looked. I hope my gurls get that fat.

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