Trichs not cloudy enuf?

Hi I don’t really have access to a quality scope or loop so best I could get was a cam zoom! Kinda guessed with my first 2 ladies and nabbed one too early.
Trying to get this one rite.


Hey @Nate_1017 !

I have old eyes, but they look milky from what I can see. I’m sure others will come through and “See” soon. I tend to wait until about 20-30% amber, then pull. @Khatru had a fantastic chart to compare with:

Lovely plants! Happy Growing! :v:


I like it. I would pull, looks milky and lots of triches. Some would wait longer but I think you are def on the right track. Good luck, my friend!

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you have too many new white pistils…wait 7-10 days
If you are using synthetic nutes, start the clean water flush now - run it for 2 weeks, then 2 days dark…let the plant dry out at about the 10th day…no more water.
If you are organic…no flushing required…get her cold, increase the dark period…If you got CO2…now is the time to thicken her / them up