Trichomes, ready for harvest 🤔

Good morning, I’ve been doing my thing with the education I’ve been getting from Home Grown. I think I’ve been doing pretty well and close to harvest but, I wanted to ask for your advice on it. Can someone take a look at the picture and tell me how she’s looking? I can see where this could be a challenge making sure the time is right. Thanks.


@Shameless1963 can’t really tell in this photo. If you can take a closer shot showing the trichomes we can help more.

Either @rye or @Khatru have a trichome guide photo they share a lot that’s helpful too but I keep forgetting to download it to share myself.

She looks good and healthy though. Definitely ready soon. Probably within the next few weeks.


I took a few more pictures, I hope they are better. I downloaded the trichome chart and I have been trying to compare but, there’s that uncertainty I have being a beginner.


@Shameless1963 I’m seeing mostly milky white and some clear. Maybe a few amber ones but not sure because of the lighting. She’s close though. Just keep a close eye on her but she looks like she’ll be ready in the next week or two by my estimate. Maybe longer if you want more amber for a mellower high with more body.

Sounds good. I will definitely keep an eye on her. Thanks for the reply.:v:

Here’s a handy chart you can determine your readiness by

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I’d say you have a week or more to go.

This is the graduation test for new growers. Lol
Do a search on the word “ready” and you will find this a universal question.

They look good. Don’t rush it. You will be rewarded for all your hard work real soon.

Just let nature take it’s course.

Thanks, I have good teachers. I’m wanting the all cloudy trichomes and it’s difficult for me to judge what’s what, just a little nervous.

Thanks, that is a handy little chart.


@Shameless1963 What cultivar is that? The plant is beautiful, you’re doing a great job.

Maybe start the flush week unless you’re in organic then id wait. Looks tasty. Sure you’ll enjoy!

Thanks, OG KUSH. I’m pretty happy with it.
3 months in.

At least a week a way. I love growing OG Kush… doesn’t matter whether photo or auto from HGCC the genetics are fantastic and some of the most vigorous plants I’ve grown…

I generally try to look at the heads of the trichomes as they have a real glassy-shiny look. The trichomes that bunch up more will look milky even earlier in flower. For pictures…If using an phone to take a close up, change the light setting to natural light and it will be easier to see when you zoom in. If the lights are on the camera will adjust and make the image darker making the trichomes look cloudier than they are.

Without light adjustment trichomes look all milky with some amber around the edges

Under natural light setting, the trichomes are mostly clear… This plant suffered a power outage and when I checked the tent in the morning it was 50 degrees and no circulation in the tent. Luckily the humidity in Colorado is about 10 % and the buds were not rotted. The sugar leaves went all wonky and rolled up so I’ll see how it goes the next week.

Get a digital hand held microscope on Amazon, very reasonably priced and you get the clearest up close pics of the Trichomes.

Probably should put on my list but I have a jewelers loop that I never use as it is. I think I would be interested if I can find one under $30 but my wife gets that look on her face every time an Amazon box shows up.

I know the look!! Lol!
I believe that the microscope was less than $30

tomorrow starts my ninth week of flowering, I intend to water the monday with just water with balanced pH, but looking at the trichomes I already see some with amber color and I’m apprehensive about going beyond the point of harvest. I planned for ten weeks of flowering, do you think I can harvest sooner? Another thing is that one of them released new pestiles on top, is this normal? should i worry? I appreciate any help!