Trichome color…

Once in the flowering stage, is trichome color the main indicator for harvest?

No your white pistols turn brown which is what I go by 10 to 20 percent amber trichomes always

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Thanks Doug…The pistols are brown,but the tric’s were just cloudy until the last 2days they have gone to about 10% topaz. Me thinks this full moon is chop time. Which is really really soon.
Lucky me…:slight_smile:

Thanks for your thoughts :+1:t3:

I forgot to mention that this is a feminized bubble gum.
Started a little late. 4/21

Assuming you have a good way to visualize trics, they’re the more accurate indicator of peak ripeness based on desired effect. You can go on until the trics are nearly all amber o4 dark, but your weed is gonna be some couch lock, hit you in the head stuff. Earlier harvest, say around 20-30% amber, probably peak all around, but may sacrifice total weight versus holding out another week or two. I like heavy terpine, peak weight, which if you work your nutes, temps, and water right, will be pretty close to that magic thirty percent amber anyway. Note. As little as a week to ten days at the end of the cycle can potentially double yield weight.
With autos, the trick is to keep ‘em drinking long enough so they peak in tric color and weight right about the time they slow markedly in water consumption, signaling the end is near.