Trichome advice

I neglected to change my AC Infinity S33 to 100%.

Four weeks ago!

Been wondering why the buds were small.

10 days to go, and they look like this.

Anything you see that I don’t?

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Looks frosty ro me: great job

Don’t know your grow space so could be anything…look frosty but look small af…no se

They grew comfortably under low light it looks. They never got the light needed to stack and they started to finish early due to that (trichs already turning amber) The problem is the size and density… Hopefully it developed a little odor already and the smoke should still be good.

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Good lights grow great weed! Larfy weed if you don’t have enough light: might smoke okay but it could have been 10x better with good lighting

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From that information, I’ve noticed the smoke doesn’t taste as good.

I’ll pull out the scope today and see what’s going on.

I am putting together a week-to-week grow guide so I don’t make mistakes like this again.


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I checked the trichs, and there’s enough amber that I should harvest today. I’ve been flushing for several feedings.

Now I’ll focus my new found skills on the LSD Auto coming up.

And the DoSiDo photo. Thinking about lollipopping it.


It was forgiving of my mistakes and produced a nice high. :star_struck:


After all isn’t that what truly matters :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::peace_symbol: