Training auto flowers

growing autos when should i start to train

Welcome to the club @jrome ! You can start bending her over and tying her up :thinking: once she’s grown to about 3-4 nodes.

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CurrDog has it down pat on train time but remember…each strain is different when growing autoflowers. Some are SENSITIVE, some are SUPER sensitive and do not like to be trained (topped / fimmed / even defoliated /LST’d) . Check with your buddies here for recommendations over which strains you can MAN handle, and which require KIDS GLOVES
And sometimes, even a strain you have known to be OK being manipulated can stress and STUNT.
There is an opinion of NOT TOUCHING autoflowers that sits with many growers…I DO NOT PRESCRIBE to that theory. I have my fair share of stunted plants but it is part of the passion…If you never expect to have a problem child, time to re-evaluate your beliefs and practices. We are in it for the long term…what it is, it is


thanks growing blue amnesia flowering time is 6 to 8 weeks its been three aiready so i might just forgo training

this late in the game…unless you just started flowering about a week ago and are going to TRANSPLANT…leave them be I agree

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