Topsy-Turvy (UpsideDown) growing

So, a couple months ago I started a Topsy-Turvy grow with a Haze auto. It’s getting close to the end of its life. I started it with another Haze auto upright.( Both ordered from at the same time.)
Both plants have been kept in the same environment. I did not have to water the upsideDown plant nowhere near as much as the upright. At first I grew the seedling upright to three nodes through the bottom of a coir seed starting cup before flipping it upside down. After which I kept a single bulb grow light underneath it. Before long it was turning upwards. So I tried tying it down and all I could do was get it to grow sideways before letting nature take its course.
Well interestingly it started to flower before the other auto did. And it has matured much more as well.
Does anyone have any advice or tips with Topsy-turvy growing? What are the pros and cons or is it just so untested that it demands a new study?
And so far these are the things I’ve observed.

I know nothing about upside down growth. I do note that a moderate amount of stress does seem to shorten the lifespan, and trigger earlier flowering than a nice, uneventful veg stage. I’ve got one now that suffered transplant stress, and it is weeks ahead of sisters sprouted the same day.

Nice to know.
And what is even more interesting, on the top side of the plant I have a saucer that I’m using as a liner with one single hole punched. The liner doesn’t quite touch the soil. The other day when I was lifting it to water, I noticed 2 flat nickel sized mushrooms that sprouted.