Topping suggestions

Hey grow family and happy holidays to yu n ya families.!!! Quick ? Do i top autos or no ot LST them?


I do top some auto strains but I have had to do it on a hit or miss basis. If I grow a auto strain for the first time I will top 1 out of 3 or 4. If the I topped sresses badly or gets stunted I will limit myself to lst for that strain. I am growing 4 yumbolt autos right now. 2 I topped 2 I just let grow. The topped plants are doing well at 7 weeks but are probably 2 weeks behind the others. I wish I could pin it down more for you but I can’t.


Hi @Tmc33 I personally don’t top my plants. I have tried it a couple times but didn’t see any benefit for me in the way that I grow. There are growers on here that do top their auto’s if I remember right. Auto’s can be stressed easily from what I have heard. I am currently growing 3 auto’s (free seeds) for the first time in Hydro and so far they have done ok with the way I trim them. I trim from the bottom up to form a bouquet or lollipop look. I watch which branches grow and cut off the ones that are not. This is a 9 weeks old Auto Deelite that thinks its a photo


Thanks guys well understood…i think i wont top it…i currently growing sour diesel n jus curious


How tall is it? Will I have trouble if I do some bending??