So i mainlined my white cheese and broke a branch will I still be able to get good harvest topping oneside

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Welcome! You have not told us if she is an auto or photo period, is she in veg or flower, and her age. Breaking a branch, even the Apical branch (main stem) is not the end of the world. Depending on the genus, and age, you have time to overcome this or not. If not, no worries…The plant will ramp up hormones to the other branches to make up for missing the apical. If there is time in the grow, it will replace the apical with an alternate/s. Like when we top a plant…we cut off the apical bud and 2 appear to replace it. Time is the factor but keep on, you may have stressed her but she will continue to produce…maybe not as good as it could have been but it will produce
Give us a little more info and descriptions. If it JUST happened, you can splice it back in and tape her on


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@Remmmy welcome to the forum. Give us some more information and possibly a picture. Growing medium, light, environment, age of plant and photo or auto.

Generally if its young enough breaking a branch will be ok. What kind of break, was it complete, or just cracked

It was a complete break,I topped for second time tonight! And it looks fine I’m using a kukuppo 1200 and using fox farms organic medium with and bloom organismic phosphorus in itimage|375x500

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Shell be ok. Might even put out more.

I am wondering why my posts are being deleted? Was a simple answer to Does cbd PLANT DECARB SAME AS ANY OTHER PLANT…
WHY IS MY ANSWER CONSIDERED SOMETHING WRONG TO DESERVE REMOVAL. I need to know what I am doing wrong so I can make it right

“No, decarb is the same. I run 280F for 28 minutes. Some run at 230F for 25 min…there is a wide margin, just do not let them BURN…you gotta watch them
CBD actually starts life as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and only converts to CBD after decarboxylation
you can effectively decarb CBD at 240–300 degrees F. Temperatures higher than 300 degrees F will degrade the CBD in your bud
I cook for half time, rearrange in the shallow pan and finish.
If you are starting with non cured buds, this will dry them but you might need more oven time, go with a lower temp. If the buds / trim / shake is raw, you will get a lot of chlorophyll, that GREEN color / flavor. I COLD WATER cure (google it) to get rid of much of the GREEN. That also removes much of the flavor but I am not looking for flavor in a tincture, I can add that myself. If I wanted it to taste like herb, I would just make butter / brownies or just smoke it”

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Thanks for all that info on the decarbing. My post also got removed and it says it’s because they were off topic for the thread so that is why I started a no topic thread so we can’t be off-topic any longer LOL.:v: