Topping and bending(LST)

Ok so ive been reading and ive also seen a ton of videos about this… Im completly new to growing and have looked into different techniques but im wondering how much of a difference there is from topping multiple times and topping once then bending the plant over and LST training tieing branches down etc as far as yield goes… Ive topped my plants and have growth from other limbs on each of the plants which have all grown evenly because ive trained them that way which makes the canopy even… Will my yield be considerably different because they are lower branches and not topped branches that were topped multiple times? I also understand light is also part of the issue but im more worried about the lower branches that have grown strong not having the yield as the topped branches… Any help, thoughts, or advice would be awesome thanks…

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@49erWeedMan the trick to yield other than an even canopy is proper pruning before flower. Side branches can get colas just as big as the main tops if they are pruned properly before the flower flip.

Before flipping to flower you just trim off every single branch leaf and node under the third node on each branch you want to be a top. Leave only a few fan leaves on the upper part of the branches on the outside for a solar canopy.

When you do this each branch will still grow a few nodes during flower but the buds will be denser and cover more of the cola and you will have less popcorn buds and larf because you trimmed away all of the sucker branches and unnecessary leaves.


Ok thanks thats what I was wondering…