Top 42 Greatest Stoner Songs When Smoking Weed 1932-2016

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43: Too Rolling Stoned

Robin Trower

1974 Bridge of Sighs LP

Another stoner classic


@Khatru i’m a Robin Trower Freak he had smoking concerts with Humble Pie as back up band or was it the other way around?

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Trower was awesome!
Saw him several times in his’70’s heyday

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what’s those lights @Khatru Flash Back :slight_smile: just kidding. BUT weed saved me that night. Lots of Laughs… Hod Damn, there are 75 New Topics

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:smile: @Khatru i’m listening to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Drum Roll!!)

Epic! @DollarBill

I haven’t heard that loooong song in ages!

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@Khatru i have 16 Peach Record Store cases of Labels and Artists Lp on vinyl and todays stuff but Pandora is Google Easy. Hey Google play CCR Heard It Threw The Grapevine and Thanks - it’s ok that’s what i’m here for :triumph: hey Google :joy: Roll me a Honker Size’n :laughing: Pandora just said Grand Funk Railroad is coming to town

Tent Ready?

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@Khatru :ferris_wheel: :roller_coaster: :circus_tent: :eagle:

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I love Hendrix & old Chicago!

@Khatru Yep, Hendrix and Chicago go hand in hand with LED :laughing: Vqvk1gh

Wow, was this out there in nowhere’s ville? Or was my plane just late?

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