Tools, tech, and toys

So what are your go to favorite tools and toys? What tool did you think is essential? What tech makes your grow easier? Here’s some of my favorites.

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As an experienced outdoor grower I’d add the following; Large (12 gallon or more) tall (cannabis likes a tall jar, 30" plus for it’s aggressive roots), dolleys for each pot to move them around for optimal conditions, an outdoor umbrella on wheels for protection on hottest days, a wagon to move plants to shade or indoor when heat waves require, I assume one of the gauges shown is for PPM to control the amount of food the plants get and some kind of water treatment devise if your local water is too hard like ours at over 500PPM! I’ve found no help with filters so far. The best only reducing by 10%. I read the Zero Water filter promise total solids reduction but if you read the chart, you would have to change the filter after each watering with water as hard as ours (SoCal)!! An acidity guage is also a necessity to adjust the PH of feed water so the plant can best absorb what your giving it. The rest you probably already have if you do any gardening. Good luck and Stay Safe!

I strictly use ro/di water for indoor grows. PHed to what is needed for the stage of growth. Outdoors I use collected rain water.

A Dolly is an absolute must. I really like my WORKS wagon/dolly/thingy, couldn’t garden without it.

My RO system bit the dust and I got real tired of wastin so much water. We have drought conditions here and it hasn’t rained since…gee maybe jan of feb before covid. So I searched out new RO and they have gone down to 1:1 but rather than spend that $$, I found a water store with RO for .25 a gallon. I get 5 gal bottle filled for 87 cents now with a water card (pre purchase 100 gal). No more RO issues for me and I do not have to worry about blowing a hose anymore. Happened 2 times and the floods ain’t worth it. You do not find them until you have a swimming pool.

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I wish we had water stores here in MO. Our ground water is liquid rock and almost impossible to get the GH and PH down.

Isn’t there water delivery companies? Else it leaves you with distilled water from market. Here in Vegas we have very hard water, very hard. I just bought on ebay Home Countertop Stainless Steel Interior Water Distiller Purifier Machine CE
I bought the $50 unit
Haven’t hooked it up yet but will try.

But it rains! big time in MO! Get some extra garbage cans and some “Mosquito Bits” to keep larvae out. I then mix my gathered rainwater with filtered tap to balance the solids content depending on the stage of growth and added food load. It almost lasts through veg. this way. Without it, the over 550PPM of the tap water makes for little room for anything else and can build up into block out if not controlled.

Coal fired power plants keep me from collecting the rain water for indoor use. I use it a lot for the outside garden