To nute or not to nute.?

Hi I’m Paul and I’m new to this so please bear with me. It’s my first real delve into the world of growing and I’m sooo confused! The more I watch and read the more complicated it seems to get, top dressing ,nematodes , foxtailing … I mean , it’s a weed isn’t it ?? The one bit of information which I keep going back to is something I read on line in which a grower used Biobizz All mix with nothing more than Fish mix and Bio bloom during the flowering and blooming period. Is it really this simple ? I’ve bought some auto flower seeds but I don’t want to muck it up so any advice would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks Paul

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Papahandley welcome - Of course we will bear with you. It can be overwhelming on your first foray into this field. There is a lot to know. You will find different opinions from every single grower here. We base them on our experience, our setup, products and mostly affordability for both TIME AND FINANCES.
So first things first - your grow environment. What will you grow in - a tent, a room, a closet, etc
What will you grow - Auto, Pheno
What lights do you have or will you buy (based on what you want to accomplish)
How much time are you willing to invest
How much $$ are you willing to invest
What type of grow do you want to do -soil, hydro, combo
What is the environment you can grow in -temperature, humidity, air flow

Lay out what you have, what you want, answer some of these questions and then a plan can be devised

Hope this helps, ad again WELCOME, we love this stuff

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Just go slow and easy.
But if you want to see full potential of plant and most people do. Then thats the only way.
The rest will come with time and practice.
Just remember slow. And easy.

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Thanks Mike, I’ve built a 4x4x6 area which is insulated and almost air tight so I’m thinking I need to get negative pressure from the outlet fan ( I bought an in line 4" ). I’ve also bought a HPS bulb and shade which I can adjust from 250w to 680w a thermostatic controller for the fan and I think I want to start in soil as I can get that easily . I have Gelato Autos and a heap of time to dedicate to the venture. I also have a humidifier as the area gets dry during the day . I ran the area for 3 days and I can get the area to stay around 21-25 during lights on and between 21-17 during lights out. the Humidity stays around 55% during the day and drops to 35% at night , but It’s what nutrients to buy.

Thanks Dale , slow and easy is going to be my mantra otherwise I can see me loving them to death. I’m almost 50 and feel like I’m 17 again with no patience.

Welcome @papahandley. It sounds like you have a nice start already with your grow area. It does not have to be airtight, some like that some dont. Soil is an EXCELLENT medium to start with, much more forgiving. As far as nutrients, that’s a personal choice that should be influenced by what you want and need for your plants. With soil you will not need as much or as often of what ever brand you choose. Do you want a true certified organic/veganic, or is the standard nutrients ok? There are a ton of choices out there. Do your research.

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Hello Rye, I like the idea of the organic path and I can get Biobizz products locally . A friend who got me into growing uses hydroponics , an NFT I believe but I don’t fancy that , not yet at least. I will continue to do my research and once again thank you for you words of advice.


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In the summer, I grow outdoors only. I have an organic garden and I work / feed / replenish my soil every year. For my winter grow (auto’s only), I use a combo of 1:1 soil and peat, then I add 20% perlite and 25% vermiculite. I add my own calcium (dolomite lime and gypsum) and Magnesium (Epson salts). I make TEA from my garden leaves, clippings, Kelp and Molasses. Auto usually do not need as much nutrient as pheno so I go easy (start at 1/4 strength and gradually move up to 1/2, never higher). I use water soluable 20-10-20 organic and feed based on Ph and TDS. You should get a Ph meter and TDS meter. Cheapies are ok as soil is forgiving. I do not start feeding until about 3rd week. This is where people start to differ. Environment and habits will make you adjust this. This is where you start to FEEL you plants. You will begin to know when they are thirsty (weight of container, look of plant), if they need more nutes (color, growth). You will begin t settle in to your own formula and what works best for YOU, not me, not someone else. Failure is the key to success. It will change with strain, time of year, age of your medium, type and strength of lamp/s. You do not have to drink the ocean, a sip is OK


Love it , that made me laugh ,my wife would tell you I’m a gulp kind of bloke but I’m starting to get it and I have to admit I’m really looking forward to the whole growing journey and very glad I found this platform.

Try watching Dr Hugabee - youtube.

He is a little hard to watch in places so jump forward
Really good explanation of what is needed to grow MJ

With a name like that how can I not watch him, awesome thanks Mike

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Welcome @papahandley, you’ll love the fourm. I researched YouTube Kyle Kushner (spelling) & Kronic. Both have good info.