To net or not to net, that's the question

Hey guys,
Been a while since I posted, I was going to take the summer off but couldn’t resist planting my last 2 seeds. They have taken off! Both are lemon haze autos and only about 32 days. They have completely filled my tent and I’m trying to decide if I should add netting for support as the continue to grow. Here are a few pics. Let me know your thoughts. Happy 4th!


Why not just use yo-yos? Just a personal preference really. I like having direct access to my plants.

@Topher85 easier to have then not to have is my theory :crazy_face::crazy_face:

netting did not work out well for me, i was not able to examine & care for them as i should have, & i missed some nanners. before the netting i removed them from the tent every 2-3 days & trimmed,cared for them on a table/workbench where i could see every detail…but if you have multiple access points to your tent you would be ok…

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Hey Chris, yeah it has been a while. Get some string…loop it around the top bars of the tent and then just wrap around the branches you want to support…
If you are short on seeds for the next grow, hit me up privately