Tips are burnt - toxicity? Too much light?

First time growing from seed.

  • are the tips “burnt” because of too much light (I have the lights adjusted to about 350 par with an 18 hour photoperiod)
  • or perhaps too much nutrients (I want to grow “organically” - I am using wonder soil for the potting soil. I have put in a few drops of fish emulsion as well as liquid seaweed…but a VERY little amount).

Additional questions:

  • for the first month, is there a rule-of-thumb regarding the PAR level as well as photoperiod?
  • it seems my plant is growing much slower than what I am seeing online. I have been watching to not overwater, but I am wondering why it seems the roots aren;t developing as robustly as they should?

Thank you very much for any advice/help!

Have you been feeding

Thank you for your reply. I did feed a few drops of fish emulsion. and about one drop of liquid seaweed. That is it. The rest I left up to Wonder Soil (…Perhaps the potting soil is too nutrient rich?

yes…soil is TOO HOT for babies…hopefully they will not stunt…at this point, let them grow…NO Added nutes…nothing but water is needed for min 4 more weeks

Thank you. Is there a potting mix you recommend? I’m thinking the Wonder Soil is too rich.

no, any organic soil can cause burns…Seedlings do not need ANY nutrition until 3-5 weeks old. We try to start them in a blander substrate and transplant to soil when they reach close to the size they are now. Living / organic soils need no (BIG NO) nutrition almost until FLOWERTIME…just ph balanced water

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