Tips are browning last 3 days

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I think you are ok. That looks like your plants are eating up the nutrition in the big sun leaves. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the bud leaves. That is normal for the plant as the flowers approach ripeness. The plant neglects/eats it’s own leaves and cuts off the sap from the leaves to focus on the flowers. Some strains do this more than others. Or if it had a very slight nutrient deficiency late flower it is more dramatic. Think fall colors on trees right before the leaves fall off. The plant figures it’s job is to make seeds to pass on, not leaves.

Those flowers look like they are getting close. When I zoom on the pic I cannot see the trichomes to know for sure. It is too blurry. But I bet those buds are close to finishing from what I can see.:eyes:
All the fox-tailing tends to suggest that too. (Fox-tailing is where a new lobe of bud seems to grow up out of the ripe bud out into a new plain). A few strains just make foxtail in their bud structure, but it usually is a big time clue to watch for ripeness. Especially as the sun leaves give up their nutrition like that.

If I were you I would just go ahead and pinch away those sun leaves at the stem. One could make a case that could be a touch of phosphorus and or a lesser touch of nitrogen deficiency. But I would never recommend hitting any plant with more fertilizer when it’s in the home stretch. If anything the next time I grow that strain I would maybe hit a little stronger with fertilizer earlier on. I think you are fine. :+1:

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x2 - what @Noddykitty said. Those are some lovely colors. :star_struck: Nice grow man. You could start watering with ice cubes to try to bring out a little more of the color.

Alright thank you just don’t want screw them out so

you are foxtailing there…that is NEW growth on top of OLD growth…Send her down harvest lane…Use the ice cubes / lower temps to bring out the terpenes, reduce lights on till you hit 8-10 hrs…this mimics winter. No more nutes…just water. You have to stop giving her a reason to flower. She is OLD and YOUNG at the same time and you will reduce your potency. Bring out the flavours and colors
ice cube method = start at night…place ice cubes on top of the soil. As they melt, they will lower soil temps. You do not have to use so much ice like you want to freeze the plant, a handful or 2…every night for 2/3 days…then let her dry out some…try to get the tent or surrounding DAYTIME temps down around 65°ish (62-67 great)…low Rh (under 40%)…
You can dig inside the buds to check the trikes in there as foxtailing (new flowering on old flowers) creates a conundrum…interior gets too old, exterior is too young…increases chances for bud rot

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