Tiny Seeds? Auto GSC

So my first grow was just some seeds I collected, no idea what they even were and it felt like they took forever but it was a success, just a little overdried :grimacing:
2nd grow was 2 autos from homegrown.
1000w led, veg/bloom light on 24/7
1 girl scout cookie auto, 1 wedding cake auto
The wedding cake hit a snag and got some fungi or something, was able to get her healthy again tho and had no problems with GSC. GSC was ready about 2 weeks before WC. After drying and curing it was FINALLY time to smoke. But it’s full of tiny seeds. I don’t understand. WC is not the same way we have since figured out. They were grown indoors in a tent so pollination definitely did not happen and I’m so confused! Started my next grow and skipped GSC this time because I don’t wanna grow seeds, any advice?
Thanks in advance!


@CJW13 definitely have what is called a selfie, it self pollinated either due to genetics, or a certain stressor…:dark_sunglasses:

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Oh man so I stressed it out.
Was it the light maybe? Or what stresses a plant out? I was using 5 gal fabric pots and fox farm ocean soil. Started nuting at half strength when I noticed leaves starting to look a little discolored at like 4/5 weeks. 2 waters 1 feed, 2 waters 1 feed, etc. Then 2 weeks before harvest straight water.

So it wasn’t genetic and my other ones should be okay if I don’t stress them out?

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Lots of things can stress a plant out. I dont grow ruderalis but I’m sure it acts the same besides the auto flower bit…, Heat from your lights, over exposure (lights 2 close), inadequate airflow., fluctuations in PH, light leaks during dark period., over pruning/manipulation., etc. ,amongst many… @MDBuds any opinions on this matter, you may have experience with autos.

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It sounds like it hermed on you?

@CJW13 hermies or selfing is fairly common with autos. Many ruderalis cultivars do this naturally since they grow in extreme environments and often will self pollinate for survival if they aren’t pollinated by a male after their sixth week of life. It’s why reputable websites that have stabilized the auto traits but haven’t bred out the rodelization will tell you to watch for hermies between weeks 6 and 7 of growth and sometimes even later into flower.

Most of the time with autos it isn’t related to stress or environment. It is just genetics.

GSC auto is a double whammy though because it has ruderalis and Durban Poison genes.

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