Tincture recipes, please share

Can some of you please share how you make tincture? I have read some things and seen some videos, but no one ever says the ratios, or maybe how to use it to make edibles without them tasting like straight alcohol. Inquiring minds want to know….I am one of them. Thank you in advance for sharing!!

Or any other recipes that you may want to share involving using THC to infuse foods.

I only do crockpot cannabutter… Have read about making vape juice but seems too involved for me.

@jjress In all my years I never found an edible or tincture that seemed to work for me so I decided to make my own. I am experimenting with the LEVO system. I have made a C8 MCT oil with 3 grams/1cup and EOX Green Dragon with 5 grams/1cup. Neither seem to do anything for me. The oil had Granddaddy Bruce and the Green Dragon had OG Kush. I am not sure if I need to try different strains or modify something else but I plan to keep searching because I would like to stop smoking at some point and give my lungs a break. I know there are a few on the forum who make stuff all the time so hopefully they will offer their experience.

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@retiredoldguy I don’t really smoke, I started this adventure to mainly make some edibles instead of buying them. I can’t get high as often as I would like right now due to job requirements, but I do have some fun a few times a month. I was considering getting one of those LEVO machines, do you have the first generation or the second? There are also at least 2 other machines I have seen videos on but can’t remember the name rights now. I like that it can decarb and everything else with same machine. Does it smell when it’s doing the decarb? I would rather do that perhaps than use the oven.

I do not have experience with decarb machines but the process of it involves heating the flower/sugar leaves. Any time you do that, you will have a smell. I’m sure some machines do cut down on odor vs oven method. Good luck in your search!

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I’ve made 2 batches of tincture and both turned out amazing. I use the 420 Infuzion machine.
Non Alcohol, MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil, 1 oz favorite decarbed bud/trim, and sunflower lecithin.
Everyone seems to get pain relief. :confused:


Use infused coconut oil, instead of regular oil for recipes.

@jjress I have the second gen LEVO. There is very little smell during decarb as compared to when I tried it in the oven.

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@Angy2021 so you used 1oz of bud in your tincture…ok going to try an oz in my next batch, maybe that is my problem just not using enough

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@Angy2021 i will check into that, thanks. How much oil do you use with 1oz bud? Do you grind the bud first?

Here is a recipe for canna butter, take a 1/4oz of good bud, give a light grind, fill a large pot with water bring to a simmer, in a smaller pot add weed and 2 and 1 1/2 sticks of butter, put small pot in larger pot of simmering water, don’t let the weed and butter boil off keep at 180f stir occasionally, after 3 hours the thc will adhere to the fat in the butter, strain with a fine metal mesh strainer, add 1 tea spoon of vanilla, put in fridge to harden, will make 1 batch of cookies or brownies you will not taste the weed. Carefull I ate half a batch and was high for 3 days, it also takes a while to kick in, but everyone luvs my cc sheet cookies.

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Thoughts about edibles include any delivery method by way of the gut destroys many terpines, making for that weird high you didn’t expect. Tinctures can be used as a drop under the tongue. That method is more direct, more like smoking, a plus if you like the richer high.

Tinctures are fairly easy to make.
First you have to decarb the herb. I like the decarb box with digital oven thermometer setup. Decarb your herb, let it cool, then grind or crush up the decarbed herb. Use a canning jar to soak your activated (decarboxylated) weed in at least 151 proof grain alcohol. I use 195 proof. Be sure to use enough alcohol to cover the herb well. Four ounces in an eight ounce jar works well.
Let it soak a few weeks. Every time you think about it, pick up the jar and give it a shake for a minute. Do not open the jar.

After about three weeks minimum, you can strain all of the solids, or strain as you pull from the jar. Further concentration by carefully evaporating some or all of the alcohol is easy enough. I filled a one ounce bottle, capped it loosely, and placed it in a hot water bath until about half the alcohol was gone. Now I’ve doubled the strength of the tincture. I could evap more, or count on baking recipes to evap most of the alcohol. Use it as you would vanilla extract etc. test using micro doses.

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@Northcountryguy thanks for your reply, but how much herb and alcohol do you use? You mentioned 4 ounces in an 8 ounce jar, is that the amount of alcohol you use?

@snoleperd76 im gonna give this a try, thank you.

This is where it always gets hairy. The reason is we never really know the potency of our herb unless we have a lab to test it.

But measurement still works. It’s just that we have to be a bit more honest about numbers.

Bottom line though is you can soak an eighth in four ounces of alcohol.


Your welcome, just make sure the ingredients in small pot don’t boil off, it will look black as tar when ur done but once you strain and let harden and with vanilla you will not taste the weed, and will look like normal butter, good for 4 doses

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