Time to Start Seeds

It’s early spring, the frosty nights will be ending soon. Time to start seeds indoors and prep the garden beds. Transplant time will be here before you know it.

This year, I’m planting 5 regular landrace seeds from Bhutan. Hope I get a mix of males and females, as I am going to let these go to seed; investing in next season.

I’ll take some clones and with any luck, I’ll be able to raise some female clones indoors, unpollinated, using the Rodelization method to make feminized seeds. We’ll see…

I’m lucky to have had a bumper crop last year that provided enough to keep me in weed for the next two seasons.


Hi,do you make feco? I always have a lot of extra weed left over and can’t smoke it all.I even have some from a few years back.So I have been making feco and put it in small button pack things.I can put several pounds in one little pack and freeze them.Im also experimenting with mixing it with my extra hot peppers that I pulverize and mix with Shays butter and bees wax to be applied topically, still don’t have enough experience with that and have given some to family to try and report back.

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I have a lot of alcohol tincture. I have evaporated it off and the result is a difficult-to-handle sticky mess.

The tincture works fine for me, I’ll put a dropper into a cocktail, or mix it with oil and evaporate the alcohol off, transferring the good stuff from the alcohol to the oil. Or drop tincture on a tablespoon of cocoa and make chocolates (my favorite consumption method - makes a great gift!)

I also keep a jar of decarbed bud that I can sprinkle on any number of dishes. Tastes great on chicken or a steak, or vegetables.


Hi,I know about the sticky mess.I wind up getting that goo all over ,hahaha.Tryed the syringe thing which was really messy. Wound up putting it in little balm containers which was the easiest.