Time to harvest?

I have been checking he chart and I have gone from clear to cloudy. I just want other eyes to confirm I’m ready to start the harvest. It’s been a long haul. Whom ever said marijuana is just a weed didn’t know how much time and effort goes into growing. These plants have been babied from January till today. I know I must be close so I started some auto flower seeds to see if I like them better. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend…… thanks for everything :heart::heart::heart:Laura


Check the trichomes as far into the bud as possible.

Trichs on the surrounding sugar leafs will turn quicker.


I just today got where I could work the loop I got off Amazon. It just was never clear before. Tomorrow when I turn the lights off I will get in the middle of the bud. I really appreciate you giving me concrete advice. I’m a new grower so I’m still kind of dense. Lol……thanks


As long as your buds are DENSE TOO, then all is OK…


Just don’t surround yourself with DENSE ENTITIES. They are a PITA. It’s like trying to get rid of cancer.


deep in the bud


Laura, what is the strain? How do you like your product…energetic or couch lock?

I have gelato and northern lights. I’m disabled in a wheelchair 24/7 from an accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. I make my own edibles now for night time and have gotten off all the narcotics they were giving me. So I have pain all day and spasms and I’d like to have my flower help me with those things but not zonk me out . So energetic not to much couch lock not there either. So maybe inbetween? :heart:

Laura, you have 2 of the most powerful and purest of Indicas…Indica, by itself, is a pain relieving, sleep inducing weed. I would not go any further than now to preserve the more energetic parts of the strain and not the dominant heritage they are known for. It is not like they will not get you high…

I spent a few hours reading about the harvest. Let me know if you agree with what I read. If you use organic soil and have not used pesticides or fertilizer you don’t need to do the flush. If the tops of the branches have the big buds you cut the branch off and leave the smaller buds on the bottom on the plant put back in the lights 12/12 and let them bulk up with the now thinned branches letting more light thru. Take the cut buds trim off all the fan leaves and sugar leaves and hang upside down on hangers or clothes line in the dark in a dry area. I told you I’m kind of dense but I think this is a plan.:heart:

when it is time to harvest, it is time. As for organics…NO FLUSHING REQUIRED…
You can cut the apical (top) buds and leave the others but at 12/12, they will just over-mature and lose potency (or even foxtail / hermie / nanners) . If it is a photo period plant, you can unflip and get them back to veg mode but a new grow is often better unless it was one Kick A__ weed
When you chop, chop it all…
if you have a good dry arrangement, you can leave the leaves and trim after it is dry. Collect all those trimmings for tincture / gummies, butter, etc. A good dry takes 10 days minimum…then 30 days curing…you can sneak buds while its curing but the longer it cures, the better it gets
Dark dry…a good dry area is 55-65°f and 60%rh…air movement to prevent mold
let the plant sit 2/3 days in total darkness bewfore you cut it down. You can also put ice cubes onthe soil to water it at night to help bring out the terpenes…increase darkness to 16 hrs…that is what winter is…

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Sound good. This time I have autoflower started. It’s good to know to save the leaves for edibles. I make my own with a magic butter machine. I can’t get zonked out because when I’m alone here on the mountain I have to be aware of my limitations and keep myself safe in my wheelchair. Things are better here in New Mexico now we have medical marijuana and recreational marijuana too. I can have twelve plants growing. So I feel like this grow was a great experiment, so on with the next. I just ordered my mason jars and the hygrometers to go inside my jars for curing. I’ll take pics along the way with my harvest…, thanks