Time on the turn-around

Anybody have a guesstimation for the turnaround time on a seed purchase. They took my money from cking account 8 days ago. I’m just anxious cause I got an empty box.

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@Rusty you should have received a email with tracking number…did you get that?

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Yes, it says can’t track.

I just received another email saying it’s on its way. Imma sure it’s just my spastic self. I got too much time.

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Once you get tracking number it takes about 1 month but im on east coast

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The e mail said it will be here the 9th of Nov.

I just telling you how long it took me and they said same shit HAHA by hum fuck

It can take up to 14 days. The system is way behind the actual process.

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Have ya got any suggestions where I can do better?

Just learn some patience learn from this all seeds ordered are not flown to your home next day keep the time and use it as a barometer for being organized when you want to start a grow order your seeds 3 weeks before you will be all right. and have everything in place

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Thank you sir, I will.

I apologize to all, my bad

Some seed co., are fast in the States. A couple of weeks tops. Canada could be 4wks. Europe up to 7weeks. That’s my experience

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Rusty it does not take a month. You should get it very soon. Could take up to 2 weeks. Usually a week once you get the tracking number. maybe 10 days. It is regular USPS and comes in a brown Envelope

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Has alot to do where you live and i think they send email when they send them out the door


For me it depends on which day they ship. There must be some direct flight on Sundays between San Diego and the closest international airport to me. If they ship it on a Thursday, it catches that flight and I’ll have them the following Monday. If they ship any other day, it ends up taking the road trip from CA and can take almost 2 weeks.

If im not mistaken they send email saying your package is on its way little bit after getting tracking number

When my seeds do come in I think I will turn around and buy some more immediately. I will never run out of seeds again, I promise.