Time for transplant?

I been over feeding a lot but this color change was on one of the plants before and now another has it … time for transplant to bigger pots?

@Sk8nGrow transplant or heavier feed. By heavier feed i mean a good heavy top dress. Transplant is definitely easier than small pot growing though especially if you’re bottle feeding. Gives you more soil to use as a buffer.

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Always appreciate your feed back … I was thinking possible nutrient burn because I skipped a freshwater feed I do every other

@Sk8nGrow it’s definitely nutrient deficiencies. Looks like either you have some pH lockout or it just needs a good feed. My ladies in my 6 ounce pots that they lived in for two months looked like that because I couldn’t feed them anymore without bottles. They got pretty root bound and nutrient deficient before I finally got them in 1 gallons. Poor ladies. :joy:

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Yeah these 5 went thru hell I wasn’t sure I was gonna be able to keep them … rooot bound then rot in solo cup… I scraped roots watched them turn green from yellow the actual plant after and didn’t have money till I got paid 5 days later then ordered soil from Amazon…. Finally got them in 3 gal … and waiting for all the other ladies to finish up in 7gal to reuse pots … may reuse the soil and flip to flower asap with all that flower nutes in the old soil