Thoughts on my LST? When should I flip into flower?

Hello everyone,

Took a good chunk of my day yesterday to do some trimming and lst on my plants, based on what I’ve seen from tutorials, what are your guys thoughts on it? Anything I didn’t do right I should watch out for?

LST-bigger-plants — ImgBB LST-younger-plants — ImgBB

Also, my plants are getting close to 2 months old since I’ve first put the seeds into soil. I want them to grow out to fill the whole space of my tent up, but I’m not sure what to do. When should I make the flip into flower?

Thanks in advance!


Nice looking training. I think I’d let them fill out a bit, then flip them and then do some leaf pruning three weeks in.

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I personally do less pruning as I feel bad for them to do it. As far as flipping lights I agree with @TomDan and let them fill out more to recover some first. I flipped mine at 28 days in about a week after topping and they are both doing great. 5 days in flip and first signs of flower are appearing.


I have a question, my plants were suffering early on (user error), so don’t judge me :crazy_face:. They are catching up and getting bushy. I’ve be tucking and using some LST. But my question is should I, at some point, untie the main branch/cola so it can grow taller again? Or, as the other nodes’ branches continue to develop, LST/tie them too. I’ve not done any lolipopping/trimming as they are still very small – about 7 in. (if upright) tall by 9 in. wide.

They’ve tripled in size since getting into their forever homes. Second grow went into the dirt in a day or two. @DollarBill @Highwayman @MDBuds @Daddy1971

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@GrnyGrows No your main beam will catch up it will grow faster than the rest happy growing my friend