This one looks funny please help!

I planted this with other at the same time and this is the only one that looks like this. Any reason why you guys thing it looks like this?

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I had one that started like that…it happens. I went ahead and kept mine growing although one side of the plant did not grow anything…so it turned out to be about half a plant instead of a whole plant.

But I didn’t want to toss out a 10 dollar seed so I let it grow. The harvest from it should be more than the cost to grow it though so it’s all good. I just grow for my own stash.

This is her today…you can see one side of her is missing except for a couple small flowers down low by the yellow leaves.

Same plant from the top.


I’ve read that sometimes a seed germinates upside down, and the tap root can get pinched as it naked a u turn, damaging internal passages corresponding to parts of the plant, one or more quarters can end up deformed.

Thank you for your input. They are starting to look better now lets see how it goes


Just give her time she’s new to this world :blush: